Scream Camp Ticket


Scream Camp 2020 is open on the following dates:

  • April 18th (PRE-SALE)
  • April 25th (PRE-SALE)
  • May 9th (COMING SOON)
  • May 23rd (COMING SOON)
  • May 30th (COMING SOON)
  • June 13th (COMING SOON)
  • June 20th (COMING SOON)
  • June 27th (COMING SOON)
  • July 11th (COMING SOON)
  • July 18th (COMING SOON)
  • July 25th (COMING SOON)
  • August 8th (COMING SOON)
  • August 22nd (COMING SOON)
  • August 29th (COMING SOON)
  • September 12th (COMING SOON)
  • September 19th (COMING SOON)
  • September 26th (COMING SOON)

Scream Camp takes place at Higher Counthill Farm, Counthill Road, Moorside, Oldham OL4 2PZ.

Arrival time is 9:00pm. The show starts at 10:00pm and ends at 7:00am the following morning.

Scream Camp Unleashed ‘The Ritual’

  • Friday October 25th 2019 (SOLD OUT)
  • Saturday October 26th 2019 (SOLD OUT)

Arrival time for Scream Camp Unleashed ‘The Ritual’ is 9:45pm. The show starts at 10:00pm and ends at 2:00am.

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