Scream Camp 2024

The award winning Scream Camp is back for 2024 with The Ringmaster and his Freakshow ready to unleash another year of terror upon you! Scream Camp is the UK's ONLY overnight horror camping experience taking place over 10 hours! Throughout the evening you’ll meet all members of The Freakshow and participate in a variety of horror games and challenges designed to push you to your limit and beyond.

This is no ordinary camping experience as on arrival you’ll be split into groups where throughout the night you’ll need to complete all the challenges placed in front of you to win points for your team and survive the night.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the main character in your own horror movie? This is your chance to find out!

Note: This event is strictly 18+ and is a full contact experience. The actors will touch you and you will be forcibly removed from your tent during periods of the evening. We do have a safe word and also a safe tent option for those who can’t handle the intensity. The safe word will not remove you from the event entirely however you will be taken back to camp and will not have to continue the experience until you’re ready to do so.

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